Tollywood Superstar Soham at Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage

Tollywood Superstar Soham at Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage

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Sikkim is designed like a crown by Mother Nature and its valuable gems are placed at different parts. This attractive crown along with its different gems makes this state one of the most picturesque locations in the entire world. The northern part of Sikkim has the most shining gems. At an elevation of 8,700ft, Lachung is one of such valuable gems that will make you spellbound with its amazing beauty. Located at a distance of 116km from Gangtok, this small village is nestled in the lap of a mountain where the tributaries of the Teesta meet.

After an exhausting journey through rough and dusty roads, this serene village provides the ultimate relief to its visitors with its snow-clad look and peaceful atmosphere. Lachung mainly serves as a halting spot for those who have conducted tours to all the sites of North Sikkim. Therefore cars coming from Gangtok stops here to stay overnight.

To explore the mesmerizing beauty of Lachung, you should wake up early in the next morning. If you are traveling during winter, you will find yourself in a white paradise. The branches and leaves of pine appear like a valley of vanilla ice cream. Or if it is spring, the stunning views of the snow-capped mountain, gushing waterfalls, and apple orchards will surely fascinate you. The main attraction of this village is that it is a part of the Yumthang Valley, which serves as a gateway to a number of other spots of North Sikkim.

Being endowed with sparkling streams and amazing waterfalls it is an ideal holiday destination which guarantees you pleasurable and memorable holidays.

Arrival of Tollywood Superstar Soham Chakrabarty in Lachung:

Not only an ideal holiday destination, must say Lachung is the perfect shooting spot too amidst apple, peaches, and apricots orchards. Recently, one of the famous Tollywood superstars, Soham Chakrabarty, came to this place with his full team for the shooting of his upcoming movie. The director of this upcoming movie took the many scenes in almost every places of Lachung such as Yumthang Valley, Lachung Monastery, Naga & Bhim Nala Falls etc.

Soham with his full team was staying in one of the famous and budget hotels in Lachung, i.e. Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage for 3 days.

When they checked-out from the hotel after 3days, Soham said ‘I had a great time in this place. The place is just like a heaven. Though I had been traveling in many places for shooting, this place will remain always in my heart. Furthermore, I must say that Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage is one of the best hotels in Lachung with great hospitality. This hotel’s staff and their polite nature really mesmerized me. And, of course, it serves very healthy and mouthwatering food’.

This statement of Soham clearly implies that Lachung is undoubtedly a must visit place to explore its astonishing beauty. And obviously, while you are planning a trip to Lachung and want to stay overnight in one of the hotels, Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage should be your first preference.

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