Where is Lachen?

Situated at the northern crux of Sikkim, Lachen is a village that sits at an altitude of 2,750 meters. Every year, tourists pour in by thousands to Lachen to witness its beauty and rest in this quaint town before heading further to the Yumthang Valley and the Gurudongmar Lake. Lachen has its unique system of administration and their head is known as the Gyenbos.

Discover Lachen

The slopes that surround the village of Lachen are richly surfaced with alpines and conifers. The settlements overlook the towering mountains and are inhabited by friendly locals who are extremely hospitable. The village also sports the annual yak race known as the Thangu every summer.

Climate of Lachen

Lachen experiences the seasons of Spring, Monsoon & Winter. During March, April and May, the rhododendron valleys that surround Lachen cover the region with multi-colored blooms. The monsoon hits by the month of June and brings in torrential rain. Autumn falls in by October and lets winter take over by November. The entire region gets covered by powdery snow and looks heavenly.

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