Discover the Beauty of Lachung

Lachung is a village that is situated in the northeastern part of the state of Sikkim. The picturesque village shares its borders with Tibet. Earlier, Lachung was a bustling trade town that enjoyed its proximity to the neighboring country. Now, it is one of the junctions where tourists stay before the commencement of adventure trekking activities.

Climate of Lachung

Temperature ranges from 12 to 20 degree Celsius in the day & up to -7 degrees at night. The highest temperature to be recorded is 23 degree Celsius. The warmest months are June, July, and August. December, January, and February are the coldest months.

Best time to visit Lachung in Sikkim

The best time to visit Lachung is during the winters when the village is blanketed in snow. The peaks and the alpines that surround the village are topped with white snow and present you an ethereal visual to gaze at.

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