M.G Marg - A Shopping Paradise in Gangtok

M.G Marg - A Shopping Paradise in Gangtok

Gangtok is a fairyland destination among other beautiful places within North-eastern India. Snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, tranquil monasteries, lush green valleys, and holistic weather define the beauty of Gangtok, which proudly sits as the capital of Sikkim. This beautiful hill station is counted amongst the most peaceful holiday destinations in India. It attracts uncountable tourists every year. It is an ideal place for those who are hunting for immense quiet and solitude, away from the humdrum of chaotic city.

The amazing places that add to the beauty of Gangtok:

There are various places to see in Gangtok such as-
  • Rumtek Monastery
  • Nathula Pass
  • Tsomgo Lake
  • Hanuman Tok
  • Flower Exhibition Centre
  • Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Banjhakri Falls
  • M.G Marg

The Speciality about M.G Marg:

MG Road is the heart of Gangtok and is the most happening place in Sikkim. It is said to be the epicenter of fun-filled life in Gangtok. It is the place what started out as a simple commercial center has now evolved into a beautiful stone-paved boulevard lined with shops. This 1 km stretch of road is a purely pedestrian road and no vehicles are allowed here. M.G Marg welcomes the tourists with banners about keeping the area split and litter free and there are some strict rules to keep Gangtok litter free.

A place which needs no specific reason to visit-

The buildings on both sides of MG road are painted green and are aligned in a straight line which makes the whole place look organized. It is the hub of shopping activities with a variety of stores that sell everything that you may be looking for. There are a number of restaurants that offer cuisines which is one of the best ways to have a little idea about their food culture. There are a few traditional stores which display intricately designed handicraft items here. Many shops also showcase a variety of colorful fabrics and beaded jewelry as well. This is the perfect place in Gangtok to pick up some beautiful souvenirs to take back home for friends and family.

Some highlights about M.G Marg that compels you to visit it:

M.G Marg is always illuminated with lights and echos to the sounds from the restaurants and pubs which add to the nightlife of Gangtok. The area of M.G Marg comes to life after 9 in the morning and during peak seasons the shops surrounding the place may be open for the visitors until 11 pm.

A wonderful Shopping Experience in MG Marg-

Being the main shopping hub in Gangtok, MG Road has a lot to offer for you to take back home. From everything Tibetan to traditional Sikkimese teacups, you'll be spoilt for choice. There are a lot of things you will get here-
  • Thankgas
  • Choksee table designs
  • Winter garments
  • Formal as well as sports shoes
  • Souvenirs
  • Trinkets
  • Sikkimese Cups
  • Stone Jewelry
  • Singing Bowls
  • Prayer Wheels
  • Prayer Flags

Comfortable accommodation options near M.G Marg-

There are various famous hotels present in Gangtok. Among them, one of the best budget hotels in Gangtok near M.G Marg is Delight Hotels Sushanta Awaas. It is the nearest hotel at a distance of 150m from M.G Marg and it takes just 1 minute to reach M.G Mark.

Delight Hotels Sushanta Awaas Reviews-

Hello, I m Dharmendra Prasad. Recently I was going to Gangtok for a holiday trip. I was staying in Delight Hotels Sushanta Awaas. The location of the hotel is good; it is not far from the M.G Marg, the main market of Sikkim. Hotel condition and hygiene were good. Review Source- https://www.goibibo.com/hotels/delight-hotels-sushanta-awaas-hotel-in-gangtok-9080341539368001543/ Another best budget hotel in M.G Marg, Gangtok is Delight Hotels Sernya, which is situated at a close distance from M.G Marg. Due to its closeness to M.G Marg and other interesting places, the hotel manages to be a popular lodging option for tourists. The popularity of M.G Marg is a vital reason why it is very difficult to book a hotel here during peak seasons.

Popular Restaurants and Pubs to have a great time at MG Marg-

There are many restaurants and eateries at MG Road which will allure you. Among them, the most popular ones
  • The Roll House- famous for palatable rolls of different kinds
  • Baker's Cafe - famous for its pastry, coffee, momos, and patties
  • PUB25 a place of pure vegetarian food
  • Agrawals Food- known for it golgappas along with a milkshake or softy ice cream.

Do not just take back memories but souvenirs too-

Though memories are supposed to last a lifetime, taking back souvenirs adds more value to your travel experience. Every place is unique in its culture and a tradition, so shopping is also a great way to know the culture and to know the place better.
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