Chopta Valley - Enjoys and fall in love with the beauty of the nature

Chopta Valley - Enjoys and fall in love with the beauty of the nature


Lachen is a town in North Sikkim and it is situated at a height of 8500 feet. It is a small village filled with freshness which is very pleasing. Lachen is the starting point of some of the most interesting treks in North Sikkim. It is a village which has many panoramic views of Himalayan Mountains and home to the variety of wildlife. The village appeals to many tourists as it is located away from the madding crowd. The literal meaning of Lachen means “Big Pass” and in recent times this place is turning into a famous tourist destination because of the fascinating activities organized here.

Distance from Lachen to Chopta Valley

After travelling from Siliguri for 6 hours 53 minutes with a distance of 191.9 kilometres you will reach Lachen. If you reach during the morning time then you can enjoy the majestic views of the scenic beauty, mighty Himalayas and some sightseeing places. After reaching you can avail of many budget hotels in Lachen. Among them, Delight Hotels Royal Lachen is the best budget friendly hotel which provides you the best accommodations. You can stay overnight at the hotel and spend some leisure time.

Delight Hotels Royal Lachen- the hotel with its best services

Whenever you visit some place for your holiday you start searching for the hotels with better services at reasonable price. Delight hotels Royal Lachen is the best option to choose upon. This hotel located among the mountains and amazing view of the immense natural beauty to offer you the wonderful view. Delight Hotels Royal Lachen in one of the best hotel which will fulfill your requirements with budget-friendly services. They offer you a wide range of facilities like:

  • Room service
  • Restaurant
  • Food Facility
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Breakfast service
  • Vegetarian food or Jain food
  • Dining space
  • Car rental
  • Power backup

By these services this hotel will become an ideal pick for your vacation.

Chopta Valley- a valley with colourful flowers

Next morning you can leave from the hotel to visit Chopta Valley which takes just 1 hour 52 minutes with a distance of 39.1 kilometres. It is a famous tourist hotspot in North Sikkim. This valley is famous for vibrant colours of flowers during the summer. On the way to the valley, you can see shrubs more prominently. Even though it is a popular tourist destination it is left untouched and unexplored by the tourists. If you are an animal lover then you can explore the wildlife as there are many rare species of animals and birds. This valley is a picturesque destination for many tourists. People from other places come here for trekking as it serves as the best trekking point in Lachen. It also has some amazing adventurous activities to make you fall in love with this beautiful location. The valley is situated at a height of 13,200 feet making it the perfect destination for you to explore the beauty of the valley.

Pack your bag for this beautiful vacation

Lachen along with Chopta valley will be worth visiting. The beautiful view of the snow-capped Himalayas and the feel of the fresh air away from the hustle bustle of the daily life, this place will indulge you into the surreal beauty of the village and the valley. So to experience Lachen do give a visit and stay in Delight Hotels Royal Lachen to enjoy the best facilities and fall in love with the nature of Chopta Valley completely.

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