A Comfortable Stay and Exploring Sightseeing Places in Upper Pelling

A Comfortable Stay and Exploring Sightseeing Places in Upper Pelling

Nestled in nature’s lap, in West of Sikkim, Pelling is a quaint & beautiful hill station. It is located at an altitude of 6800ft. and is famous for its splendid views of the majestic Khangchendzonga peak. A perfect description of Pelling is incomplete without mentioning about its vibrant landscapes, spellbinding waterfalls and glittering lakes and of course the serene monasteries. It is home to many communities like the Bhutias, Lepchas, Limboos, and Marwaris amongst others. Pelling is a natural paradise indeed and popular for its magnificent beauty. From laid-back travelers to adventure seekers, Pelling with its upper sightseeing places caters to all!

Access to Pelling:

By air: The easiest way to reach is taking a flight from your town to the nearest airport of Pelling which is Bagdogra Airport at a distance of 160 km. This airport is connected to many cities such as Delhi, Kolkata etc and from the airport; you can hire a cab or board a shared taxi to reach Pelling. By rail: New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the nearest railhead at a distance of 152km from Pelling. From the railway station, you will get several hired taxi or shared cabs to reach Pelling. By road: You can also reach Pelling by booking a private car or by a private bus. The distances from different places to Pelling are entailed below here: From New Jalpaiguri to Pelling – 130 Km (5.5 hours) From Darjeeling town – 109 km (4.5 Hours)

Eye-catching sightseeing places in the upper Pelling:

However, there are numerous sightseeing places present in Pelling which will make you spellbound. Here we have entailed a list about the most amazing sightseeing places in the upper Pelling-

1. Sangachoeling Monastery – A Buddhist pilgrimage highlight:

Sangachoeling-Monastery It is one of most beautiful places in the upper Pelling that you must visit. This monastery was built in the 17th century and presents as an important highlight of the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit. The ride-route to this monastery takes you through dense forest cover and hilly terrain. On reaching this charming Monastery, the astonishing view makes the trek worth it.


Distance from Pelling: 8.5 km Opening hours: 7 am to 6 pm Best time to visit: March to June

2. Rimbi Waterfall – The fall will make you fall in love:

Rimbi-Waterfall Rimbi Waterfall, another one of the most spectacular places to visit in Pelling, is more than just a treat to the eyes. This glittering river is flourished by the gushing waterfall, where many tourists, as well as locals, came for various recreational activities like swimming, fishing, and so on. Whether you go fishing or not, you must try a famous dish Assala which is a variety of fish found only here.


Distance from Pelling: 12 km Opening hours: 24 hours Best time to visit: April to June

3. Pemayangtse Monastery – Admiring the Buddhist heritage:

Pemayangtse-Monastery Pemayangtse Monastery, a three-storied building is one of the most spectacular places to visit in upper Pelling. It is located at an altitude of 6840 feet and famous for its ornate architecture. Alluring sculptures and colorful paintings adorn the beauty of this monastery, but the main highlight is that the seven-tiered model of Guru Rinpoche which is decorated with rainbows and fairies. Pemayangtse Monastery is an amazing collection of various Buddhist scriptures, antiques, and other art forms you’d want to glance at.


Distance from Pelling: 36 km Opening hours: 7 am to 5 pm Best time to visit: January-February

4. Tashiding Monastery – A Delightful Buddhist pilgrimage:

Tashiding-Monastery Tashiding Monastery is counted as one of the most pious Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim, found in 1641. This friary is prettified with 41 chortens which are popularly known as ‘Chortens of Enlightenment’. The main attraction of this monastery is Bhumchu Festival, which increases this monastery’s charm more precisely. During the festival, the holy water kept inside the Monastery is put to visitors’ display. If you like cultural celebrations, this monastery must be covered during your sightseeing trip in upper Pelling.


Distance from Pelling: 36 km Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm Best time to visit: February- March

Choosing the most comfortable hotels to stay in the upper Pelling:

Every tourist researches about various accommodation options before commencing a trip. Because factors like comfort & affordability are of major concern. So, when you are planning a trip to visit the upper Pelling sightseeing places, you should choose the most comfortable hotels to stay. However, there are numerous luxury hotels in upper Pelling to stay with your family or with your better half. Among all, one of the best budget hotels in upper Pelling is Delight Hotels The Touristo. It offers an affordable accommodation to all of the visitors with great warmth and hospitality. The ornate architecture and pleasant ambiance make one feel homely away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Distance from Pelling: 7.2 km

Popular FAQs:

Q. Are there any restrictions on photography in Pelling? A. In some monuments and monasteries, you have to pay fees for taking photographs. Your guide will give the information about places where the photography is permitted. Q. Is there a travel desk within the hotel premises? A. Yes, there is a travel desk within the hotel premises which is open 24*7 for the convenience of the incoming tourists. You can access helpful information regarding Pelling from our attending executive.
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