Delight Hotels Norling Darjeeling  - A perfect way to make yourself feel at home

Delight Hotels Norling Darjeeling - A perfect way to make yourself feel at home


Sometimes the joy of staying in the home gets ignored due to work or holiday. At these times it is best to step back and think why hotels are the best to choose.

Darjeeling- A delight of the Northeast

Darjeeling is an ultimate hideaway in the laps of nature and is towered by the majestic snow-clad mountains. It is also known as the “Queen of Hills”. Earlier, Darjeeling was inhabited mainly by the Britishers in a large number. Due to this, many old buildings humbly reflect the charm of British architecture. Darjeeling is also blessed with the ranges of Mt. Kanchenjunga, natural ambiance, pristine waterfalls and lush green tea plantations spreading its aroma in the whole town and taking a stroll along the roads of Darjeeling is an ultimate experience in itself.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Darjeeling is during the spring and early summer. The temperature is cool and pleasant and the climate is at its best during these months. This place offers a range of beautiful natural sights and gives many opportunities for outdoor activities. This is also the season of maximum tourist visiting Darjeeling.

Hotels in Darjeeling:

A famed travel destination, Darjeeling is situated at an elevation of 6710 feet in the state of West Bengal. It is well-known for its cultural diversity and tea plantations compelling thousands of tourists to visit this place every year. It is the most sought-after place to spend a lovely vacation. This hill station also provides accommodation for the comfort of the travelers. It offers impeccable services, luxurious settings, perfect views and warm hospitality. All those who want to relish a vacation with your family, friends or your partner then do visit Delight Hotels Norling, one of the best hotels in Darjeeling for a magnificent vacation in Darjeeling.

Why Delight Hotels Norling?

Delight Hotels Norling offers affordable accommodation to its travelers with great warmth and hospitality. Majority rooms of the hotel are facing towards the mountain. This hotel is the premium in accomplishing all the needs of the guests whether in pleasure or for business purpose. It also facilitates with the best modern amenities like front desk, parking, and doctor on call in case of an emergency of any guest. It also offers an in-house restaurant for you to have a perfect meal with your family or friends. The rooms are beautifully designed with first rated furniture and have hotel facilities like television, telephone, and washroom with hot or cold water supply making it one of the best hotels in Darjeeling to stay in comfort and leisure. To know more about the hotel, click on the below link to hear what the Hon’ble guest Mr. B Chattopadhyay expressed about the hospitality of Delight Hotels Norling Retreat: Stay to make a difference!! After you book your flight or train, you will be hunting for the perfect accommodation. Now, the question is whether it will be a holiday rental, a room or a hotel. While the various accommodations have some advantages and disadvantages, the hotel remains a reliable, comfortable and easy option. So, choose the best hotel like Delight Hotels Norling for a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

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