Choose Delight Hotels Restaurants for a Pleasure Dining Experience

Choose Delight Hotels Restaurants for a Pleasure Dining Experience

The cuisine has been a very attractive thing for travelers to go and explore a new destination. In fact, some people travel to taste the different tastes of different types of special dishes in each of the places they visit. And when you are traveling in North-East India, well, letís just say that youíre going to blast in enjoyment to see the variety in a large number of cuisines, each having its own specialty.

Delight Hotels Restaurants with its best mouthwatering cuisines-

Seeking new places to dine and bringing the family can be a tough decision to make. There are numerous hotels present in North-East India which offer well-maintained restaurants. Among the all, Delight Hotels is the best hotel provided the most beautiful restaurants in many places in North-East India such as Darjeeling, Lachen, Lachung, Gangtok, and Sikkim. These hotel restaurants are a part of the hotel and are usually kept open for the convenience of hotel guests. The chefs in these restaurants are fully trained and some of the very best under-recognized talents in North-East India. However, typically Delight hotels restaurants in many places are world class and offer a very diverse menu for travelers and locals alike. This hotelís restaurants offer some of the best home-style food in the world, a hotel restaurant caters to vacationers as well as a great attraction for those who are looking for something delicious and conveniently located. We assure that you will get the most mouthwatering meal in this local hotelís restaurants. Delight Hotels in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Lachen, Lachung & Pelling and their famous cuisines-

1. Hotels in Darjeeling:

  • Delight Hotels NorlingĖ

It is one of the famous hotels present in Darjeeling being located near the main town. The rooms of this hotel are well maintained as well as the hotel staffs are very well-mannered. The view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from the rooms is breathtaking which will definitely allure you. The main attraction of this hotel is its cuisines. This hotel cum restaurant will provide you with the most delicious food such as Thukpa Soup Noodle, Local Alu Dam, Churpee Milk Base Snack, Traditional Nepali Thali-Platter etc.

2. Hotels in Gangtok:

  • Delight Hotels The Fortuna-

The property is situated in Gangtok which is home to the world's third highest mountain peak. The hotel looks forward to making guests feel at home and provide them with every possible support to make their journey to the top an enjoyable one. This hotel provided a hassle-free stay includes front desk, parking, the assistance of doctor on request and many other services. The restaurant in this hotel offers a tempting array of mouthwatering dishes. Chicken, Fermented Soybean, Dim sums, Mushroom Kachi and Pork fry are some of the best dishes you will get in this hotel.
  • Delight Hotels Sushanta Awaas-

Sushanta Awaas is in Gangtok, nestled in the high peaks of the Himalayas and shelters the Enchey Monastery. It offers the stunning view of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. The hotel is 30km away from Pakyong Airport, 112km away from Siliguri Junction and 700m away from Local Bus Stop. The rooms of the hotel as well the hotel staffs are so good that will blow your mind. The food offered by this hotel is world famous such as Tibetan dishes like Thukpa, Gyathuk, and Thenthuk, Refreshing lemon iced tea, croissants, baguettes, Paninis etc
  • Delight Hotels Sernya-

Hotel Sernya is surrounded by lush green valleys and is located at a distance of 125 km from the Bagdogra Airport. Various amenities provided by this hotel like doctor on call, room service, power backup, help desk, travel assistance and parking. The rooms here are perfectly designed and crafted. They serve some of the famous food of Gangtok in their restaurant like Tibetan plain bread, Shaphalay, and Tibetan meat pies.

3. Hotels in Lachen:

  • Delight Hotels Lachen Heritage-

Delight Hotels Lachen Heritage offers a view of foliage and mountains. The property in Lachen has 12 rooms arranged over four floors. The rooms come with an assortment of conveniences, including television, tea kettle, toiletries, wardrobe, drinking water, room heater, hot water supply and attached bathroom. This hotel possesses also a beautiful restaurant which offers various delicious foods like Momos, Gundruk, Phagshapa, Gulab Jamun etc.
  • Delight Hotels Royal Lachen-

Delight Hotels Royal Lachen is situated in Lachen of Sikkim. The town attracts its visitors with its splendid beauty, stunning landscape and snow load peaks. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities to fulfill the varying requirement of the guest which includes front desk, parking, security, room service, housekeeping and doctor on call service in case of medical emergencies. This hotel is also famous for serving some delicious food prepared by their specialist chefs. Chhurpi, Kinema curry, Tomato Achar and Fried Rice are the best food available in this hotel.

4. Hotels in Lachung:

  • Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage-

Hotel Royal Lachung is the most comfortable hotel in Lachung and draws the attention of the visitors as it offers picturesque mountains all around. The hotel is equipped with various amenities that promise a luxurious and relaxed stay in a comfortable environment. With world-class amenities, the property believes in exceeding guestsí expectations and creating a new hospitality experience to make the stay memorable. This hotel cum restaurant provides some mouthwatering foods to their guests such as Chang, Bamboo shoot Curry, Sikkimís Tea, Gya Kho etc.
  • Delight Hotels Royal Lachung-

It is another famous hotel in Lachung that draws the attention of the visitors as it offers breathtaking views of mountains all around. It is located 199 km from Bagdogra Airport and 192 km from Railway Station. A beautiful array of facilities to ease the senses and make their touristsí stays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. World famous foods are available in this hotel. The taste of Shimi Ko Achar, Kodo Ko Roti, Jaanr etc will always attract you towards this hotel.
  • Delight Hotels Lachung Regency-

Delight Hotels Lachung Regency is a standard category hotel in Lachung. Our hotel offers a view of the beautiful range of Himalaya. Delight Hotels Lachen Heritage has facilities, including 24-hour front desk and backup generator. Our property in has 15 rooms arranged over four floors. We offer complimentary breakfast for all of our guests. The rooms come with an assortment of conveniences, including television, tea kettle, wardrobe, drinking water, room heater, makeup mirror and attached bathroom. We provide some special Sikkimese dishes like Masauyra Curry, Chhrupi-Ningro Curry, Mesu etc.

5. Hotel in Pelling:

  • Delights Hotels The Touristo-

This beautifully decorated hotel is nestled in Pelling hill station with a breezy atmosphere. Delight Hotels The Touristo offers an affordable accommodation to all the travelers with great hospitality. The ornate architecture and delightful ambiance make one feel homely away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To satisfy a foodieís palate, the hotel offers an in-house restaurant, where you will get mouthwatering local foods like Pork Gyari, Phing, MOHI (Butter-milk), Naga Cuisine, Sinki Vegetable Dish etc.

Choose us for a comfortable stay and a delightful cuisine experience-

When you travel somewhere, you donít only think about the accommodation but also about the quality of food. Delight Hotels being a complete package is recommended as the best hotel now-a-days among the visitors. So, if you are looking for most convenient hotels cum restaurants in North-East- India, make us as your first priority.
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