Unfolding The Attractions of Darjeeling

Unfolding The Attractions of Darjeeling


Darjeeling is really a wonderful place to spend some time amidst the natural grandeur. The place is full of attractions both natural and artificial that can attract the fancy of any tourist. But along with this, there are some wonderful hotels that are known for their warmth and hospitality. The best hotel in Darjeeling always try to put their best foot forward in order to impress their guests so that they can have a memorable stay and enjoy the place even more.

This article is dedicated to some of the best places that serve as the most attractive and appealing destinations that Darjeeling can offer to its visitors along with featuring a short description of the best hotel in Darjeeling.

Table of Content:

1. The major attractions of Darjeeling

2. Delight Hotels

3. Conclusion

The major attractions of Darjeeling

There are quite a few places that are not only famous in Darjeeling but are praised worldwide. Some of these are as follows-

1. Toy Train

Toy Train and Darjeeling are quite synonymous with each other as it has been Darjeelingís most attractive ride for many years. The impact of Toy Train in Darjeelingís culture is so much profound that it has been showcased many times in pop culture media such as songs, movies to name a few.

The ride is an absolute must for any traveler who wishes to capture the entire landscape through the best angles. The other best commute like this is the ropeway trip that can also give the best glimpse of the place through higher altitude.

2.  Tea Estates

Tea is the most consumed beverage in India and when it comes to sheer quality nothing can come to the Darjeeling tea. The quality of the tea is not only famous in India but also highly rated in the world for its supreme fragrance and quality.

You can visit the estate and the factory in order to observe the full cycle starting from its cultivation to processing. The Darjeeling tea is a global icon that is exported from the nation on daily basis and to witness its whole process would surely be a treat.

3. Religious Places

Darjeeling has a rich display of places of religious interest where you can visit and start/finish the journey on a spiritual note. Some of these include-

a) Peace Pagoda

b) St. Andrews Church

c) Mahakal Mandir

d) Ghum Monastery

e) Bhutia Basti Monastery

Delight Hotels

We are acknowledged as the best hotel in Darjeeling and have been in this service for many years. We as a team are totally dedicated to providing the best services to all our guests so that they can enjoy the trip and have a memorable stay in the region.


Darjeeling is truly a place blessed with natural richness but all these can be well explored through proper rests in the trip and for that, you must book a good hotel.

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