A Wild Weekend in Dooars

A Wild Weekend in Dooars


Planning a visit to West Bengal is fun in itself. When it involves exploring this area features a lot more about what one can consider. There are many destinations which tourist aren't aware but are a must-visit. The natural beauty and therefore the serenity of the place will certainly make your trip a memorable one. So, here are a number of the untouched beautiful destinations in Dooars within the region of West Bengal which is a must-visit. Add more joy to your trip by booking one of the best hotels in Dooars Lataguri.

Table of contents:

  • Top natural attraction of Dooars
  • Dalgon
  • Jhalong
  • Bindu
  • Kumai
  • Samsing
  • Conclusion

Top natural attraction of Dooars


Dalgon lies in North Bengal in Dooars and maybe a beautiful small village. Thanks to the climate of Dooars, this region is usually filled with flowers. It has beautiful wooden houses with the stepwise landscape enclosed with flowers and pine trees. Dalgon View Point which is 2500 ft overhead water level may be a must visit the place. One has got to choose homestay to remain there as hotels aren't present during this location.


This traveller stop is situated on the banks of Jaldhaka River. This place is simply at a distance of 43 km from Mal Bazar. The journey of travelling through Chapramari forest to Jhalong may be a beauty in itself. The journey to the destination will cause you to crazier for the place. One can locate many orange plantations in Jhalong Market. One can even buy oranges as they're very tasty and cheap. Book one of the best hotels in Dooars Lataguri to experience comfort along with natural beauty.


This is the last village of Darjeeling district. It is situated between India and Bhutan. From Siliguri, Bindu is 110 km away. From Malbazar the terminus is simply 48 km away. From Jhalong the destination is 13 km away. On Thursday an area market is about up when products like cardamom, oranges, banana, maize etc are often bought which features excellent quality and are cheap in price. Homestay is a choice to stay in Bindu and explore the world. One will get all the facilities alongside mouth-watering food at this place.


It is an offbeat tourist destination within Dooars. This place has hills, greenery, and a touch fascinating town. For the one who prefer the tranquil and softether and loves the agrarian life then Kumai may be a place for you. Halley viewpoint and arranged tea gardens must be a neighbourhood of your trip if visiting in Kumai. Staying in local people during this area will certainly add more fun to your visit.


In the area of Western Dooars this is often the foremost attractive tourist destination. From Malbazar this place is 24 km away. The flow of river Murti adds to the beauty of this place There are many orange gardens during this area which have the simplest quality oranges grown within the region.

Thus, it is time to go to these nature's wonders of Dooars and make your trip a cherishable one by booking with one of the best hotels in Dooars Lataguri.

Note: This is a travel blog highlighting eco-tourism spots of the Dooars and Lataguri region. Booking accommodations can add comfort and leisure.

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