Lataguri- That Every Wanderlust Traveler Will Love

Lataguri- That Every Wanderlust Traveler Will Love


Traveling is just an excuse for extremely passionate wanderers to explore and capture the beauty of an unknown land. These backpackers are always ready to hop on every time when they discover the details of a new place. Lataguri is a perfect tourist destination for such kind of backpackers who want to explore nature in its raw form and witness its beauty in full glory. Hotels in Lataguri welcomes those tourists who want to explore the richness of this place and provide all the basic amenities so that they have an excellent time here.

This article totally covers all the important places that you can see in Lataguri along with a short description of a place that is considered as one of the finest hotels in Lataguri.

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Places that you can visit in Lataguri

There are numerous tourist attractions in Lataguri that can attract your fancy.

1. Gorumara National Park

Starting off with the iconic place of Lataguri, Gorumara National Park has indeed put a mark on every travelerís wishlist who desires to visit this place whenever they come to Lataguri. The national park is rich in vegetation and is home to animals such as deer, wild dogs, cobra, python, and wild boar to name a few.

2. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Keeping our trail to natural vegetation, the next interesting thing to visit is the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary that is not too far away from our previous location and is also home to animals such as gaurs, leopards, and elephants. During the visit, you can also witness the divine view of Kanchenjunga and Himalayan peaks.

3. Murti River

You can also indulge yourself on the banks of the Murti River. The place is an excellent location for picnics and rests along with a beautiful sighting of the sunset.

4. Jaldhaka, Jalbong, and Bindu

This place serves the best opportunity for travelers to get mesmerized by the natural magnificence it has to offer. These places are relatively less famous in comparison to the ones mentioned above but give you a great chance to capture the stunning landscape.

5. Buxa Tiger Reserve

It is a very famous place that is a must-visit during your stay in Lataguri. As from the name it can be well suggested that it is the home of one of the majestic creatures in India, the tiger. Apart from this other variants of animals are found in the region. You can also visit the Buxa fort that is situated within the reserve.

Delight Hotels

We are regarded as one of the finest hotels in Lataguri that provide the best-staying experience to all our customers. Just like our name, our only objective is to provide you satisfactory service so that you have pleasant memories.


A tour to Lataguri is sure to make you come closer to the magnificence of nature and after the trip, you will admire it even more.

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