Places of interest and hotels to stay in Lachung

Places of interest and hotels to stay in Lachung



Lachung stands at an altitude of about 3,000 m above sea level and lies on the confluence of two rivers namely the River Lachen and River Lachung. It is located in north Sikkim and is a small town blessed with jaw-dropping scenic beauty Lachung and the mountains, covered in snow. Besides these scenic beauties, it also has some marvellous waterfalls and streams. Lachung has been serving the tourist as a beautiful stay over town and also for those who are heading towards Yamthang valley. Travelling to Lachung is not a tough nut to crack as easy transportation mediums are provided by rail, air and road. The place is well-connected to major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.


It is advised for first-time travellers to search for hotels in Lachung and tariffs. These hotels in Lachung Sikkim have been facing a lot of tight competition among other hundreds of hotels in Lachung. The budget hotels Lachung provides can start with a minimum of Rs.1500 and if you prefer the best hotels in Lachung, you shall have to slightly increase your budget. There are a lot of hotel options but it is advised that you book your hotel after a thorough market research of hotels in Lachung North Sikkim. Compare the Lachung hotel rates and read some instructions under the Lachung hotel booking. Do not leave it for the last moment.

Delight Hotel A home away from home

Hotel Royal Lachung and Hotel Lachung Heritage are no less in providing services like 3-star hotels in Lachung.There are two options for cheap hotels in Lachung , there are excellent same to same 5 star hotels in Lachung by the Delight Group situated in Lachung, The hotel is a fair priced luxury hotel in Lachung and has picturesque mountains all around, the town of Sikkim which consists of various snow-covered mountains, peaks, breathtaking, sparkling streams and waterfalls and much more. It is located 197 km from Bagdogra Airport and 190 km from Railway Station. The hotel is equipped with modern basic and luxury amenities that consist of free WIFI too that would be hard to find around.It promises luxurious and relaxed stay with a warm and comfortable environment. A beautiful list of facilities at Lachung which is far from the capital of Gangtok eases the senses and makes the stay very comfortable and enjoyable as well. The reason behind top star rating of the hotels by the Delight Hotel group is the excellent services which surpass customer's expectation and gives them complete satisfaction. So have a hassle-free Lachung visit and do check out the above suggestions before deciding on your choices. Facilities -, Television, Electronic safe, Bathroom, Western Toilet, Balcony, Tea/Coffee maker machine, Desk for writing, Hot & Cold water at any point of time and any other desired services are needed to be taken care by the staff of the Royal Lachung hotel. Rates for Delight Hotel Royal Lachung (near Lachung Police station)
  • Super Deluxe room with one-time breakfast Rs 2426 per night
  • Super Deluxe Room with 2 meals - Breakfast & Lunch or Dinner 3319 per night
Rates for Delight Hotel Lachung Heritage (near Helipad Lachung) Super deluxe room with one-time breakfast Rs 1900 per night Among other hotels, These two hotels are exactly at the centre of Lachung and plus the Facilities provided at such rates and discounts are a win-win situation and a chance which must be taken. After you have struck the best deal and received discounts for hotel reservations, move towards planning your holiday in Lachung. Let's talk about a few places that we must visit while in Lachung. Just have a look at the list and plan it according to the length of your stay:

Yume Samdong (Zero Point)

Yume Samdong (Zero Point) Zero point Sikkim stands at a height of 15,200 ft above sea level which is approximately 23 kms from Yumthang Valley. It is surprisingly the last outpost which has civilizations. The road ends here and like the name suggest, its a dead end from here above. Zero Point Sikkim is the place where three rivers meet and this meeting is polished by the snow-clad mountains in the background offering some thrilling and amazing views. There is hardly any growth of vegetation in Zero points as it is snow laden for the most of the months but still surprised, you can see yaks grazing in the snow in search of vegetation. Zero Point can sometimes cause breathing problems and lack of oxygen can be felt as the air is low and therefore precautions must be made beforehand.

Lachung Monastery

Lachung Monastery One of the places to visit here in Lachung is theLachung Monastery(gompa). It has wonderful wall paintings and works of art and also some several ancient statues. The monastery holds religious dance festival on 28th or 29th day of December which is the 10th Buddhist month. You can also take a visit to theCarpet Weaving Centre in Lachungwhere talented local weavers and all of the ladies you can see the local ladies weaving exquisite woollen carpets. The centre is open on weekdays between 8 am to 4 pm.

Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley The name Yumthang Valley means 'Valley of Flowers'. The valley is about 24kms from Lachung and is located at an altitude of 11,700ft and takes about 1and half hours of the road journey. Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is situated in this 'Valley of Flowers' and we can be lucky enough to see colourful Rhododendrons spread across the valley. Besides the wonderful view of the large valley of flowers, Yumthang valley also offers lovely scenic beauty which consists of is white mountain peaks out of which the popular ones are Pauhunri and Shundu Tsenpa which forms the beautiful natural background adding to the already beautiful river Teesta.

Bhim Nala Falls

Bhim Nala Falls About 10 to 11 km after crossing Chungthang (roughly 30 minutes drive) you will be witnessing a wonderful waterfall along the way which is popularly known as Bhim Nala. Bhim Nala waterfall is also related to superstar Amitabh Bachchan as Mr Bachchan once shot a scene of the film 'Ankhen' here. Which also proves that Waterfalls and land beauty of Sikkim had and is still being recognized and appreciated worldwide. As it falls along the road, you can just take a break here for 10 minutes and enjoy the lovely view of the fall flowing heavily downwards from high above and it splashes into the ground which tends to wet some of the visitors. The water is cold and the sound of this waterfall carries its soothing loudness and is clearly heard by the nearby places.

Yumthang hot spring

Yumthang hot spring Before you enter the Yumthang Valley, a pathway leads you towards a small bridge and that bridge is your route towards the Yumthang Hot Spring. You will also need to walk a little distance to reach the hot spring. In such cold climate that Yumthang has to offer, this hot spring generates natural warm water which comes as a pleasant surprise. The water is rich in sulphur and some other minerals which is why people believe that this hot spring has some good healing and medicinal value. The spring water is redirected from here to a hut nearby and couple of pools which is also open to people who wish to take a healing bath here.
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