Rabdentse Ruins in Pelling: The Ancient Foundation of the Dazzling Sikkim

Rabdentse Ruins in Pelling: The Ancient Foundation of the Dazzling Sikkim

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Rabdentse Ruins- ‘An Archeological Site of Sikkim’

Rabdentse Ruins is the historical site that gives you the opportunity to know about Sikkim’s story of glory. Do you want to miss the chance to dig into state’s past as a history enthusiast? Never! Right, then what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the charm of this place along with a pleasant stay in the good hotels in Pelling.

Easiest Route to Reach Rabdentse Ruins!!

Nearest Airports- Bagdogra Airport and Pakyong Airport Nearest Railheads- Hasimara Railway Junction and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station After reaching the station or airport, the most convenient way is to reach Rabdentse Ruins via Pelling. You can enjoy a luxurious stay in both 5/4 or 3-star hotels in Pelling as per your budget. Distance from Pelling to Rabdentse Ruins- 8.9km

Does Any History Lies Behind This Unique Monument?

Let’s take a look at below to know more about Rabdentse Ruins-
  • At the south-east side of the famous Pemayangtse monastery, there are some traces of the Rabdentse palace left.
  • It was set up in the 17th century by Tensung Namgyal as the second capital of Sikkim till 1814 A.D.
  • In the 18th century, Sikkim was attacked and invaded several times by Nepal. Ultimately, it reduced into ruins.
  • Now, the remaining ones of Rabdentse famous as a beautiful palace.

Get Amazed By Rabdentse’s Spellbinding Beauty!!

As you enter the gate of this palace, you can witness-
  • The chestnut tree welcomes you by dropping mosses on you.
  • Further, you move, it leads to the stone throne comprising of 3 standing stones known as ‘Namphogang’.
  • Walking a little further, you will see ‘Taphap Chorten’ which was the entry point of the palace.
  • Moreover, the ruins are at the center of the fourth courtyard will provide you with the mesmerizing view of Sikkim.
  • Alongside there is ‘Dab Lhagang’ where the royal family used to pray to their deities.
  • A white marble slab, known as 'Risum Gompa".

Have A Relaxing Stay For Your Comfort!!

Although there are numerous homestays present around Rabdentse, it is more preferable to stay in Pelling. You will get several hotels in Pelling with the reasonable tariff for your pleasant stay. Popular FAQs- Q. What is the best time to visit Rabdentse Ruins? A. The best time to visit Rabdentse Ruins is from March to May. Q. What is the visiting time of Rabdentse Ruins? A. The visiting time of Rabdentse Ruins is from 8 am to 5 pm.
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