Complete Relaxation From Your Stressful Busy Schedule

Complete Relaxation From Your Stressful Busy Schedule


If the burden and the stress of the monotony is crushing your soul, you should plan a quick getaway. Let the river Murti wash away all of your worries and transport you to serene woods of Lataguri. Book the best resort in Lataguri, Dooars for a relaxing stay.

Table of contents:

  1. Visit the Gorumara National Park
  2. Indulge in outdoor activities
  3. Trekking trails
  4. Indulge in self care

Visit the Gorumara National Park

Relapse into nature with a visit to the Gorumara National Park. This park is known to make the most suitable environment for breeding rhinos. A paradise for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts this National Park is home to home to several species of animals and birds. It is a trip to observe the synchronicity and the harmony of eco-system as its best.

Indulge in outdoor activities

Fishing, camping and swimming, you name it. The forests of Lataguri provide a safe space for you to indulge the adventurer in you. Camping in the forests can give bring you an unrefined look into the woods. You can even fish your own food and grill it over a campfire to make the most of your trip.

Trekking trails

If the adventurer in you is still looking for more, this place houses a bunch of trekking trails along the national park. The most famous trekking destinations are Rupam Valley trek and the Neora Valley Trek.

Indulge in self care

If you do not want to any of the activities, that is also completely fine. You can just rest in your hotel room and enjoy 24 hour room service. Relax all you want and indulge in your leisure time. You know your body the best and what will be the most beneficial use of your time.

Rest among the greens and get away from the perils of the modern world. Pamper yourself and take care of your physical and mental health. Resorts in Lataguri, Dooars are ones of the finest available and will ensure that you are comfortable.

Delight hotels is a company with hotels across Sikkim and West Bengal. Delight Green Heaven Resort in Lataguri, Dooars is one of the newest additions to our chain of hotels.

We at Delight Green Heaven assure you that your stay will be comfortable. Our staffs are always at your beck and call to fulfil any requests you may have. Whether you want to go sightseeing and explore the area or you want to stay in your hotel and relax, we ensure your comfort and convenience regardless. We offer you a place like home equipped with all the modern amenities. We aim to delight our customers with our excellent service and do our best to help you return refreshed and relaxed.

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