Relishing Moment With Exciting Experience At Dooars

Relishing Moment With Exciting Experience At Dooars


Dooars is an exciting place that is situated in the northern part of West Bengal and is widely renowned for its rich vegetation and wildlife. Dooars not only attracts tourist from different parts of the state but also from other parts of the country or even from the international borders too. But apart from the bustle regarding the numerous species found in the hub, there are many fine resorts that form the cornerstone in the region. There are many resorts in Lataguri Dooars that attract the fancy of many people and guarantees an experience that is sure to stay forever.

         This article showcases not only showcases the vibrant atmosphere of the Dooars but also provides a deep insight into the quality of the resort you must consider.

Table of Contents:

1.            Major Attractions of Dooars

2.            What are the facilities that the resorts in Lataguri offer?

3.            Delight Hotels

4.            Conclusion

Major Attractions of Dooars

As you already know, Dooars is a tourist paradise that is in a constant hunt for wildlife sightseeing. But it is important to know all the places that you must consider that are worth your time.

Gorumara National Park

The place is considered one of the best parks in India that caters to a good population of One-horned rhino. It also consists of a great facility for sightseeing as quality safari can be arranged with expert professionals.

ChukChuki Bird Watching Point

The place is a heaven for photographers who are in search of a snap of all the migratory birds.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary boasts a great pool of wild animals that include leopards, bison, deer to name a few. 


There are various other forests that one might look for. Some of these include

Chapramari Forest

Chilapata Forest

What are the facilities that the resorts in Lataguri offer?

The resorts in Lataguri Dooars are fully dedicated to providing the best experience to their customers. The place is full of traveling and one needs a totally comfortable room where he can relax and reduce all the tiredness. The best services that resorts in Lataguri provide are

Internet Access

The communications have really been improved due to the internet as now all the information can be harnessed with the touch of a click. It is very important for a tourist to be kept entertained and free internet access is a great solution.

House Keeping

The treatment towards the customer is very important and creates a lifelong impression and in return generates revenue and increases popularity. These resorts keep well-maintained staff who pay attention to the needs of the customers.


There are plenty of offers that are given on various circumstances with no or minimum charges to attract more and more customers.

Delight Hotels

The Delight Hotels chain is a highly renowned resort in Lataguri Dooars that has its extension in many places. They provide all the necessary services that are provided above and are recommended by many people who have shared a great deal of experience with them.


Dooars is a great place that should be visited in order to enjoy its wildlife and hospitality.

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