Saga Dawa Festival in Lachung Which Reflect the Sikkim’s Rich Culture

Saga Dawa Festival in Lachung Which Reflect the Sikkim’s Rich Culture


‘The greatness of a culture of any place can be found in its festivals.’

An Insight into the Beauty of Lachung!!

Beauty of Lachung Lachung is an epitome picturesque beauty peppered with tall dark mountains, gushing waterfalls, meandering glacial rivers which take you in complete awe of their rustic magic! During the month of June, Lachung comes to life with the ‘Saga Dawa Festival’ that fills the whole village with vibrancy. If you are interested to get a deeper insight in Buddhism, this festival would surely give you the opportunity to back home with a supreme bliss of life!

Saga Dawa Festival- A Cultural Extravaganza in Lachung!!

Saga Dawa is the most sacred event in Sikkim, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. This festival signifies 3 most important events of Buddha’s life-

  • Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary
  • Attainment of enlightenment
  • The final days of Lord Buddha

Isn’t it amazing? For all cultural aficionados who seek a sneak-peek into vibrant Buddhist culture, the glimpse of Saga Dawa provides you with that! Avail the best hotels in Lachung for your comfortable stay during your religious trip.

The Exciting History behind Saga Dawa Festival!!

‘Festivals are a feature of all major religions.’ It is believed the date of this festival was officially formalized at the first conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Sri Lanka in 1950. And, now the festival is celebrated across different countries under different names-

  • Sikkimese, as well as the Tibetans, celebrates it as Saga Dawa.
  • Many South East Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka celebrate it under the name of Vesak Day.
  • And all across India except North Eastern regions, the festival is commonly known as Buddha Purnima.

Rituals that constitute the Saga Dawa Festival!!

On the day of Saga Dawa-

  • All the lamps are lightening up in monasteries by the Mahayana Buddhists, which indicates allegiance to Lord Buddha who is believed to have enlightened their paths in life.
  • The ceremony is followed by a grand pageant in which Monks moves along with Holy Scriptures, and chants hymn while moving forward.
  • This pageant travels around the entire city of Gangtok which is surely amazing to explore.
  • Folk Dances are performed by wearing colorful costumes.
  • Local delicious cuisines served to all the visitors.

Needless to say, it’s the best time to plan a holiday trip in Lachung to get a close rendezvous with Buddhist traditions! You can clearly assume that it is the peak season, so it is advisable tobook the hotel in Lachung through onlinein advance for your hassle-free vacation.

Duration of the Festival!!

This magnificent festival is held every year on the full moon of the 4th month of Buddhist lunar calendar, which falls during the end of May and early June according to the English Calendar. After this brief information regarding the festival, do you still want to put your Lachung trip on hold? No right? Pack your bag immediately and get the best hotels in Lachung with the reasonable tariff for you peaceful vacation here!

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