ZERO POINT - A wonderful excursion along with a sight to behold

ZERO POINT - A wonderful excursion along with a sight to behold

The gigantic peaks of the Himalayas and the exotic flora and fauna along with some majestic views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga of Sikkim is a paradise for travelers, backpackers and researchers. Sikkim also serves as a home to many unexplored places in which Zero Point is one such place. Zero Point in Sikkim is situated at an elevation of 15,300 feet above sea level where your journey will end and it is also the last outpost of civilization.

Best time to visit Zero Point:

The best month for visiting Zero Point in Sikkim is from late February and continues up to mid-June when thousands of colorful flowers are in bloom. However, if you want to enjoy the clear skies and brilliant weather, then September to December season is the ideal time to visit.

How to reach Zero Point?

When it comes to finalizing the trip you must visit Lachung in the beginning then leave early morning the next day for Zero Point directly due to its varying weather conditions. Moreover, the morning view is more visible and clear than later throughout the day. The time taken to drive from Lachung to Zero Point is almost 3 to 3 and a half hour. This is where the civilian road ends and you cannot drive any further.

Entry formalities:

Since the spot is in close vicinity of the border between India and China, a special permit is required to visit Zero Point which can only be obtained from the Gangtok Tourism Office. The vehicles of the tour operators which are registered with Sikkim tourism will only be allowed to enter. However, there will be additional charges and only the Indians are allowed to visit the Zero Point.

Facts of Zero Point:

As the roads are treacherous and difficult and the journey is tiresome but it is worth traveling. The way leading to the passage of the Zero Point is filled with the delicate scent of Azalea flowers pervading the atmosphere. As the place is covered with snow most of the year, it is a perfect destination for snow lovers. You can spot Yak and Blue Sheep grazing rarely on the pasture. Apart from the snowy landscapes, the Zero point is also famous for fourteen sulphur Hot Springs. There are few temporary stalls where the local residents come all the way from Lachung or nearby places every day to sell tea, pakora, and momos as refreshments to the tourists to keep the cold away at that high altitude.

Where to stay?

There are several hotels to stay in Lachung. But among them, Delight Hotels Lachung Heritage is the best which is equipped with an encore of precise amenities which promises a luxurious and comfortable stay with a lovely environment. Being one of the affordable and budget hotels in Lachung, they provide the best offer you can avail of. The staffs are friendly and the hospitality of the hotel will assure a perfect stay.

Zero Point, the white paradise

India has earned itself a slice of heaven in the form of North Sikkim. Amidst the Himalayas, this beautiful part of North-Eastern Indian states is a place unlike any other in the country. So travel to the small part of North Sikkim, Zero Point and experience the beauty of nature. It is also the perfect place for tourists who still havenít had the chance of witnessing snow. A white paradise covered in snow, truly.
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