4 Best Sightseeing Locations In Lataguri

4 Best Sightseeing Locations In Lataguri


If you’re looking for a nature escape, Lataguri, a petite census town in the Jalpaiguri district, awaits you. Tucked into lush greenery, Lataguri has many accommodation options. There are cottages, hotels, homestays, and resorts. Feel free to choose accommodation types.

Wildlife ardour and rich vegetation are the main reasons why tourists love Lataguri. Apart from that, the region is imprinted with picturesque locations, such as River Murti originated from high above Neora Valley. For a comfier and lovelier holiday stay, choose a quality resort in Lataguri Dooars at your convenience.

Lataguri is accessible by road, air, and train. The nearest railway network to Lataguri is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). For tourists planning to visit Dooars Lataguri by air, Bagdogra International Airport is the closest airport to this location. Cars/taxicabs are always get-at-able right outside the locations. And you can choose one for a hassle-free journey.

Places to Explore in Lataguri

Lataguri sightseeing mainly involves wildlife destinations. However, there is more to dig deeper into:

  • Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park is a major attraction in Lataguri Dooars, which sits on the outskirt of Lataguri on National Highway No. 31. The population of one-horned Rhinoceros is one of the primary reasons for its popularity among nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Wildlife Habitats: Leopards, One-horned Indian Rhinoceros, Barking deer, Indian Chital, hog deer, sloth bears, Asian elephants, wild boars, wolves, Indian bison, sambar deer, etc. are some popular wildlife habitats here.

Scarlet Minivet, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Great Spangled Drongo, Sunbirds, Great Indian Hornbill, peafowls, Ashy Wood swallow, Ashy Drongo, woodpeckers, pheasants, etc. Pythons, King Cobra, reptiles, fish, etc.

  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1998, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is considered a part of Gorumara National Park, nestled some 20 min away from Gorumara. From Chalsa, Chapramari is nearly 30 km. It’s a small forested region, easy to access if you’re staying in Lataguri or Murti Village. Find the best resort in Lataguri Dooars.

Forest Department administers the jeep safaris and watchtower visits for both Gorumara and Chapramari locations. Chapramari Watchtower visits are a great outdoor activity in Lataguri. Chapramari features a dry forest full of Sal, Shishu, Teak, Siris, and various orchids like Dendrobium, Eria, Acampo, Gas trochilus, Luisia, Oberonia.

Wildlife Habitats: leopards, elephants, chital, deer, boar, gaur, pangolins, Indian rhinoceros (rare). Mayna, Indian treepie, thrush, scarlet minivet, white-breasted kingfisher, adjutant stork, green magpie, and some migratory birds like teals, Brahmini ducks.

  • Samsing

A lovely, small hill village in Matiali, in the Jalpaiguri district, Samsing is aligned at 3000ft in the foothills between the Darjeeling district border and Jalpaiguri. From Siliguri, the region is about 82 km away, surrounded by green hills, tea gardens, and forests. Stay in an all-inclusive Resort in Lataguri Dooars for tension-free, seamless transport.

Adorned with scenic valley vistas, Samsing is some 17 km from Chalsa and 20 km from Lataguri. While approaching Samsing via Chalsa, sightseeing like Chalsa Tea Garden, Indong Tea Garden, and Samsing Tea Garden come across, leading to Samsing Chowk.

  • Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a wonderful village in Samsing on the banks of River Murti. It’s a small settlement imprinted with verdant green woodland, and river views, tiny and huge rocks. From Samsing, Rocky Island is just 3 km. River Murti flows picturesquely through this region and meets the plains of Dooars.

Settled at an altitude of 2000ft, Rocky Island flaunts several large rocks, ideal for rock climbing. However, safety measures are taken from the adventure enthusiasts’ side. Also, it’s a perfect destination for picnics and is home to several trekking trails. There lies Tree Fern Point from where you can witness the gorgeous Himalayan landscapes.

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