Blissful Holiday Resort In Lataguri Dooars


Have you ever been stuck in traffic and tired of everyday 8 hours job, wondering to get rid of all the stress and city life? Then pack your bags, lose your shirt, pick up your camera, and set for sale, for another vacation into the beautiful region of West Bengal Lataguri which offers you to be free. Free from all the stress and pain.

The best Resort in Lataguri Dooars, Delight Hotels, serves you optimum stays during your vacation with warm hospitality and dedicated service. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, picture square view of the semi-evergreen forest, chirping of birds, squashing of the pristine streams,scenic forests, and magical sunsets from the base of the foothills, Dooars Lataguri region is a heavenly getaway.

Luxury Stay In The Lap Of Nature

Lataguri and Dooars is an amazing place to invest your precious time with family, friends, and loved ones. Getting a ride through all the stress and city life is important. The need for an eco-friendly getaway for exploring different chapters of nature and finding stability in peace and solace is included as a mandatory to-do thing in our travel checklist. Lataguri and the entire Dooars region is the best option for such escapes with its countless spots of tourist interest. For a completely joyful experience of exploration, you need to ensure yourself a safe and comfortable stay. Delight Green Heaven Resort is one of the best resorts In Lataguri Dooars, which makes your stay delightful comfortable, and filled with luxury.

Here are some of the points why Delight Green Resort is the best stay when you visit Lataguri and Dooars.

  • The warm hospitality and dedicated staff
  • Location plays a vital role and the resort is located in a tourist spot.
  • Secure car parking area
  • Special arrangements for functions and occasion
  • Eco-friendly accommodation with all the modern amenities available.
  • Serving multi-cuisine food.
  • Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoy Your Vacation

The important part of every journey is to enjoy, the same goes for your holiday trip also. Stay for a while and enjoy the surroundings of Lataguri and its other places there are so many tourist spots that you can cover in this single trip. But before making all the plans do check out the best resort in Lataguri Dooars it would be helpful for you.

There are also lots of activities that you can do when you come here, the first one would be wildlife photography, visiting Tea gardens and going for a river outing to have lunch over there. Visit Gorumara wild sanctuary, Buxa fort, Jaldhaka River, Buxa tiger reserve, and many more. There are so many things that we visit and can do while visiting the Lataguri and Dooars the only thing is we have to follow our hearts.