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Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim which lies in the northeastern region of India. Gangtok is one of the most beautiful glittering and humming cities and it is one of the best tourist attraction centers in Sikkim. Many visitors get attracted by its nightlife, culture, food, its pleasant weather, and sightseeing spots there are lots of things that you can do when you visit Gangtok.

With Travelling comes the place to stay where you can rest free and get ready for the next day to visit more places. Gangtok has lots of hotels, lodges, homestays, and resorts offering high-quality services and accommodation, where you can book your stays according to your requirement. If you're planning to visit Gangtok and its surrounding places do check out the best hotels in Gangtok which would be a maximum help for you.

Things To Know While Finding Hotels In Gangtok

Here are some of the basic things which will help you find your desired hotels in your desired place.

  • The best way is to check the official website of the hotel and research for a while.
  • Look for the last reviews on Google or their social pages like Facebook, and Instagram, if possible you can directly contact the hotelier it is the best way to know more about the place.
  • Always look for the desired location for hotels, according to your travel plans in which you have planned to visit.
  • Be sure of all the services which you will be getting after booking, by asking the hotelier or the owner of a homestays. Only seeing on the website can't help you.

Services And Amenities

Nowadays people have high expectations of the services and the facilities which they will get after booking their stays. So if you are looking for the best services and amenities which you are expecting to get while booking then check out the best hotels in Gangtok which will probably help you and give you the best results while looking for a good hotel to stay in Gangtok. Here is some information about the services and amenities which you would get while booking a hotel or a stay in Gangtok Sikkim.

  • Housekeeping Service : Most of the hotels in Gangtok offer this service as it is one of the most essential and basic services.
  • Car Parking Services : As we all know Gangtok is located in a hill area. Most of the hotels in Gangtok offer and has car parking facilities, but if the hotel is located in a congested area in Gangtok then the car parking facilities may be not available in that hotel. So you must check all this before booking a hotel in Gangtok.
  • Laundry Service : This is the important service you have to look after in Hotels. Most probably every hotel gives this service. Many of the hotels in Gangtok provide this service, as staying neat and clean is the guest's priority.
  • Dining food : Food comes first while traveling and the dining option is the best way to enjoy the delicious Sikkim specialties dishes in the hotel. If you wish to dine out from the hotel in restaurants than that is also going to be the best option for you. Gangtok has a wide range of options available from Chinese to Continental Dishes and you can find from Indian to Sikkim authentic dishes ready to serve.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access : Wifi is an essential amenity these days as we live in a fast connectivity era. As most Hotels and other stays provide free wifi for their guest to improve customer satisfaction.
    It makes a customer easier if anyone who is traveling for business purposes or to stay simply connected to dear ones.
  • Toiletries : A toiletry is also an important amenity that most hotels give you especially when you're tired and stressed out from the long journey traveling. Then getting a shower or a hot bathtub would be a relaxing thing.

So before making a travel plan or before booking a hotel these are things which we have to know and get informed early. Likewise before booking your hotel, do check out the best hotels in Gangtok which would be the maximum help for you.

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