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We all want to escape at some point in our lives, escape from our daily jobs and hectic schedule and go out for a long vacation. At this point of your life, the best holiday destination always welcome you and your dear ones, in one of North Bengal's best destination place Lataguri. Lataguri is a perfect place to spend some time and enjoy Mother Nature and its beauty and explore some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in West Bengal.

With all the exploration and fun comes the places to stay for this don’t forget to check out the best hotels in Lataguri offering the best accommodation for stay having modern amenities available. You can easily book your hotels through an online process and compare the entire price based on your requirement So that your happiness on vacation doesn't stop.


Lataguri is located in a beautiful hilly area of Dooars, it is a perfect place to visit if one wants to explore and enjoy some of the best parts of North Bengal. If you are a nature lover this place would be the right destination for you, the main attraction of Lataguri is Gorumara National Park and other parks which offers wildlife experience and get a chance to witness Elephant, Tiger, cheetahs, bison and various types of birds Lataguri has some of the wide collection of wild animals makes it beautiful. Other than that we also can enjoy traditional local Choori Chunni, and Dham Gaan festival. In addition, a wide range of Tea gardens also serves as tourist attractions here.

Best Time To Visit

Travelers should avoid visiting Lataguri during the Monsoon season because of the heavy rain most of the wildlife sanctuaries and other parks remain closed from June to September. The best time to visit and see the real beauty of Lataguri is in the winter season, come in December and February would be the best as the weather also favors this month.

The advantage of staying in Lataguri is that you can explore Lataguri and its surrounding places. Well in this type of condition you can find some of the best hotels in Dooars and Lataguri you don't need to worry. Providing you with the best facilities and service where you can rest at ease and enjoy your vacation. Some of the places in and around Lataguri that you don't want to miss here the list:-

  • Gorumara National Park
  • Chapramri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jayanti Mahakal Cave
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Buxa Fort
  • Rovers Point
  • Jaldhaka
  • Jhalong

Affordable Hotels In Lataguri Worth Visiting

There are lots of destinations in and around Lataguri if you want to visit according to your requirements and needs. Before making a plan to visit don't forget to check out all the hotels in Dooars and Lataguri and make your stay comfortable. Check out all the amenities and facilities, location, car parking, services, wifi availability, prices and these are the things that matter the most while traveling to a new place. Did you know? Staying in the best comfort and satisfying service in hotels makes your trip even more satisfying.

At last, these small regions of West Bengal never disappoint its visitors whenever you try to reach out it will always welcomes you.


Is Lataguri a Hill Station?

Yes this place is stunning hill village situated on the bank of river Jaldhaka very Close to the kingdom of Bhutan.

How far is the Gorumara nation Park from the hotels location?

Gorumara national Park is almost 6.5km from the hotel you will stay in Lataguri.

How to reach lataguri from Delhi?

You can take a flight or train for Siliguri in West Bengal if you’re travelling by train your train journey will come to an end in NJP station. After that you have to book a cab for lataguri which is just 63km from siliguri which will take 1 and half hour to reach. Same goes to the flight you land in Bagdogra airport and take a cab for Lataguri.

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