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Lachen and Lachung is both the integral part of the Sikkim trip. It is a small town situated on the northern side of Sikkim. Lachen is also the town which acts as base for traveler’s. Those who want to visit Gurudongmar Lake, Zero Point and Yumthang Valley.

Well this place is surely heaven for nature lovers, peace seekers, shopaholic and adrenaline freakier. It is basically know for its pass from Lachen the Tibet border is only 15Km.This place has many things to offers from natural beauty to its mountain views. Lachen has many affordable hotels so before coming here do check budget hotels in Lachen which will show you the best result for hotels and other stays in Lachen.

A place to Explore In Lachen

Lachen offers many places which you can visit while holding for a day in this little dreamy town of North Sikkim. Lachen offers many tourist sightseeing spots which you can visit from Buddhist gompa (monasteries), lush green valleys to Sanctuary.

  • Lachen Monasteries : A Lachen monastery is one of the best places to visit in the town. The monasteries act as the peace keeper for the whole of the town and the monasteries is design entirely in Tibetan style architecture which is the oldest traditional form of art. This place should be on the top of the list if you visit this place.
  • Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary : If you visit this place in April then you can witness all the flowers bloom. There are a minimum of 40 different species of rhododendron in this sanctuary. The best time to cherish this view is from April to June. Fact in Sihingba Rhododendron Sanctuary the wildflower blooms in summer and can intoxicate a human with its sweet smell.
  • Chung Thang : A picture square small town situated near the river Lachen and Lachung .With the breathtaking immensely beautiful Landscape and valleys. It is also a religious place for the Buddhist faith. It is believed to be the place where Guru Padmasambhava himself walked around and sat on a rock. This has carved the footprint of Padmasambhava as per legends. There is also a huge paddy field which is wonderful to visit.
  • Chopta Valley : Chopta valley is 26km away from Lachen town and is one of the most beautiful valleys. Offer lush green natural bounty with all the view of snow capped mountains and the majestic view of Mount Kanchenjunga this place has maintained its peace and tranquility environment. So this would be definitely the place that you want to visit while coming to Lachen.
  • Gurudongmar Lake : Gurudongmar lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. The view of the lake and its surrounding is breathtaking situated at a height of 17100 ft above sea level. The view of the Lake and its surrounding landscape and the tranquil atmosphere brings immense peace to the mind. But with the height comes the danger of thin oxygen, so be well prepared while visiting the lake after all you won't regret visiting the place.

Lachen Best Time To Visit

Lachen is a great destination to travel so to know some of the season details are important. So that you won't ruin your holiday vacation and adventure by coming in the monsoon. It is usually covered by the lush green valley's meandering rivers, adorable white snow-capped peaks, and waterfalls all year around. It is only in the winter season that the Lachen receives snowfall; therefore the best time to visit Lachen is in October and in the summer month of April and June. The weather would be pleasant and a wonderful time to visit.

While if you're visiting the northern part of Sikkim then don't forget to check out budget hotels in Lachen .Which offers a comfortable stays in an affordable budget Which will surely make your journey more delightful.

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