5 Facts about Yangyang Village in South Sikkim

5 Facts about Yangyang Village in South Sikkim


"Don't tell me how educated you are. Tell me how far you've traveled"

Have you ever been to Sikkim? How beautiful it is! How serene!

Hills are peaks of mystery. There is so much to explore that you cannot say you are done. When you think you have traveled everywhere, still there are places you do not even know about. Just like Yangyang village in South Sikkim. So many times, you might have visited Sikkim, but how many of you know about this village?

Today in this article, you will know about this small village and will get wonderstruck by knowing what all you can do here. Do not skip this article. Read carefully and grow your knowledge about Sikkim. 

1. Where is Yangyang village?

It is located at a distance of 115 km from the busy city of Siliguri. Green forests and splendid mountain surround the complete area.

2. What to see in Yangyang

You can call this village to be a Lepcha village. It has a Lepcha Heritage center and a museum having art and culture of the Lepchas. Just about 3 km away from Yangyang Bungalow there is a helipad by the beautiful lake Tig Cho surrounded by dense forest. You can see a rock painting where Guru Rinpoche is drawn. In addition, visit a monastery in the locality. You can see a different type of birds in the locality. The Teesta River is also nearby.

3. What else can you see nearby?

Ravangla is one of the famous tourist attractions and it is just 24 km away from Yangyang. Here you can visit the Buddha Park. Visit Solophok that is famous for the Chardham Temple. Go to the Temi tea garden that is the solo tea garden in Sikkim.

4. What would be lovely to be done here?

If you love birds and love analyzing them then visit Yangyang. It is a paradise for birds' lover. The valley of the Teesta River and then the surrounding lush green forest is the home for these birds. It is a good spot for a picnic as well as camping. If you want to stay here you can stay in the Hotels of Gangtok in South Sikkim.

5. When to visit?

The best part about Yangyang is that you can visit this place all throughout the year. In winter, it is not so chilly and in summer, the weather is very pleasant. If you are worried about bird watching, then you can enjoy it the whole year.

While you have known about the place now, you might be planning in your mind to visit here.


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