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Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
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Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
Delight Hotels
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Welcome to Delight Hotels

When you step into Delight, you come home to eminent luxury. Enjoy a warm, comfortable stay, at Delight Hotels which is among the top budget hotels in Lachen where state-of-the-art facilities are handed out to you by the finest of attendants. With a skilled staff at your disposal 24*7, you will be pleased to stay at Delight which is one of the top hotels in Pelling. Here, we meet your every need with prime dedication and enthusiasm. With our chain of hotels dotting the districts of Sikkim & West Bengal, we plan to extend our reach to further locations on the map where people need us the most. It is among the top hotels in Gangtok too. It is also among the top hotels in Lachung. Whenever you think about indulging in a luxurious stay amidst the lap of the Himalayas – think about Delight. We aim to provide you Care with Emotion.




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Delightful Accommodations

We have quite a few varieties of stay options to suit all kinds of travelers and bagpackers

Delight The Fortuna

Delight The Fortuna - Gangtok

We proudly deliver an array of essential services besides being beautiful and well placed in the hub of the capital town.

Delight Lachen Heritage

Delight Lachen Heritage - Lachen

Delight Lachen Heritage offers a view of foliage and mountains and passionate hospitality to make it a complete experience.

Delight Royal Lachen

Delight Royal Lachen - Lachen

Royal Lachen aims to provide wide range of facilities to fulfill the varying requirement of the guest where it is least expected.

Delight The Fortuna Lachen

Delight The Fortuna - Lachen

Situated in one of the most exotic locations and surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, Delight the Fortuna makes your stay a worthwhile one.

Delight Royal Lachung

Delight Royal Lachung - Lachung

Located beautifully amidst various snow capped mountains, sparkling streams, peaks, breathtaking waterfalls and much more.

Delight Lachung Heritage

Delight Lachung Heitage - Lachung

Delight Hotel Lachung Heritage is a luxury stay facility in the small yet beautiful village of Lachung where it is least expected.

Delight The Fortuna Lachung

Delight The Fortuna - Lachung

Located in the backdrop of beautiful mountains and lush greenery, it is one of the best places to relax for a pleasurable experience.

Delight The Fortuna Sapphire

Delight The Fortuna Sapphire Resort - Lachung

Delight The Fortuna Sapphire Resort is a luxury stay that offer bewildering views to adventurous souls. Any nature lover will find themselves lost, surrounded by the beauty of Lachung.

Delight The Touristo

Delight The Touristo

Modern living facility along with where our rooms are aesthetically designed and well maintained with premium furniture and facilities.

Delight Green Heaven Resort

Delight Green Heaven Resort - Lataguri

This is an idyllic place where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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